At Core International we pride ourselves on improving and changing the lives of people most in need. We value our partnership with affordable housing agencies in the Greater Miami and Detroit area.

Affordable Housing is intended for the most disadvantaged members of the community. People with extremely low-income, single mothers, veterans, the elderly and disabled residents. This public housing program is funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

This US Funded program is a safe and profitable investment for our international investors.

We take care of renting, managing and assisting our tenants, as well as working with the US government to keep rent being payed on a timely manner. We make sure our tenants are living in safe conditions by being inspected by the Affordable housing program yearly. We are in constant communication with the Federal governments that pay the rent of our tenants. The program adheres to strict rules tenants must follow in order to keep their financial aid.

We are grateful for working in collaboration to the government and improving the lives of hundreds of citizens in need.


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