In 1933, the City of Detroit established the Detroit Housing Commission (“DHC”) under the Michigan Housing Facilities Act. Throughout the DHC’s 75 year history, our mission has been to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing for the low and moderate-income people that we serve.  DHC is the largest owner of rental housing in the City of Detroit (“City”), providing approximately 4,000 housing units for seniors and families.

The properties developed with the HOPE VI grants depict the future vision of the DHC and public housing. The new mixed-finance, mixed-income developments were funded through partnerships between the DHC and private developers.  The developments serve DHC residents and private sector residents without distinction regarding income.  The DHC plans to create 2,500 more affordable housing units over the next five years using this financing approach.

In addition, to operating a Low-Income Public Housing Program, the DHC also operates a Housing Choice Voucher Program (“Section 8”) through it’s Assisted Housing Department. Currently, the DHC administers approximately 6000 vouchers under the Section 8 Program.