From accounting to maintenance and legal consulting, you name it; we cover every detail. As an experienced company, we commit ourselves to offer you the best service, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Your time matters, and it matters to us. We keep all of the bothers and difficulties that come with rental property away from you, providing distance between you and your investment.

In our Real State Department, we manage all of the property:

Full-service realtor services encompass everything from listing your house on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), a service realized by the Real Estate Industry.  Realtors and Brokers market your house, and complete negotiations. Full-service Real Estate professionals provide a whole package of services and listed below. Contact us today for additional information and a free consultation. 

Accounting for the transactions in real estate can get to be burdensome, especially if you are not familiar with the tax code and best practices of the month-to-month operations of the properties. Our accounting services in Real Estate are up-to-date and comprehensive geared to international investors from Latin America looking for the best guidance and property management.  Contact us today for additional information and a free consultation. 

Our team is proficient in guiding international investors in the process of introducing banking relationships to best position them in establishing credit opportunities as well as building collateral for future loans. Contact us today for additional information and a free consultation. 

Through our network of professionals at our company we have access to and have learned many solutions to handle your most complex legal challenges in purchasing, selling, or investing in real estate in the USA. Contact us today for additional information and a free consultation.

 For investors interested in more passive investment, we offer our full-service property management services which include: Maintaining the property, its taxes, its HOA/COA fees, any type of repairs and maintenance needed on appliances, floor, roof or interior /exterior repairs.

 A notary public of the common law is a public person or officer constituted by law to serve the public in non-contentious matters usually concerned with estates, deeds, powers-of-attorney, and foreign international business. 

Our friendly and professional Finance Professionals will assist investors from all over Latin American countries in securing financing and providing solutions to financing small or large projects. When it comes to funding real estate project finance, the capital required includes several considerations, as follows: 

    • Draws on construction loans for financing
    • Security and priority for various lenders in the capital financing stage
    • The term that matches the length of time it takes to develop and sell the project
    • Trade-offs between fixed and floating interest rate
    • Pricing around the equity

Staging Furniture is important to and has multiple uses.  When selling an apartment that has no furniture, it hardly connects to potential buyers that are looking to see how they can imagine themselves living in that property.  Without the furniture and unique decor to accentuate the property, you will have fewer chances of interested people in the listing. On another angle, you have the renters that many times need to have a furnished property for a turn-key full-service move-in and “live comfortably” situation.